Living together and social mix

Cohesion, integration and solidarity are challenged by separatism, segregation and secessionism, starkly illustrated by ghettos and gated communities. Income differences, as well as differences in ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds are thus inscribed in space.

Policies exist to reduce these social divisions of space, with the aim namely of promoting the integration of low-income populations, which are often also migrant populations. However good intentions aside, these policies have achieved little in the line of inclusion and cohesion; some could even be said to be counter-productive. These policies must work with city dwellers who often reject, misappropriate or bypass them. They are also centred on the neighbourhood scale, whereas many city dwellers experience diversity on a daily scale in public transport, public spaces, work places or shops.

The aim of the Chair is to develop knowledge on these issues.

Heads of research : Eric Charmes – Laurette Wittner